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History Of Contra Costa County, California By Purcell, Mae Fisher On CD

History Of Contra Costa County, California By Purcell, Mae Fisher On CD

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Purcell, Mae Fisher. History of Contra Costa County Berkeley, Calif.: Gillick Press, 1940, 742 pgs. I. Early California history, discovery, exploration of Contra Costa II. Historical Geology of Mount Diablo, key to the past III. Mount Diablo's historic record, modern developments of the state park IV. Contra Costa geography, topography, scenery, climatology, meteorology V. Indians of Contra Costa, once numerous, are now extinct VI. Mexican land grants, the ranchos and the people of the ranchos VII. The days of cattle, riding the range, county's second era VIII. Coming of Americans, end of Mexican California, birth of a state IX. Making a county. Organization. First courts, past and present judges X. Ninety year civic record. All county officials, political divisions XI. County's water resource, 100-mile waterfront, story of the rains, 90-year record XII. The great central valley project, Contra Costa conduit XIII. The coal mines and their five camps, now ghostly landmarks XIV. County's mines, minerals and mineral springs yield wealth XV. Wheat and grain era XVI. Fruit, vine, nut culture XVII. The vegetable kingdom, Diablo and other valleys, modern organizations aid farmers XVIII. Modern highways, bridges, tunnels replace early transportation IXX. Department of Education, modern schools, pioneer efforts of founders XX. County library system, fraternities, churches, civic development associations XXI. Development of county's recreational facilities, yachting, camping, horsemen's association XXII. Pioneer and modern banks, banking, development of wealth XXIII. Complete record of county newspapers, dailies, weeklies, 1858 to 1940 XXIV. Contra Costa manufacturing from 1850 to 1884 XXV. Modern manufacturing. XXVI. Founding communities in pioneer county. An epic of achievement XXVII. Unincorporated towns of Contra Costa. Historic settlements, locations, areas Index to illustrations

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